On the Easel

Here you will find images documenting the portrait I'm currently working on.
The latest update will appear at the top of this page so if you wish to track progress towards completion scroll down and work your way back up.

Please check back regularly to see what I'm up to. Previous work "on the easel" can be seen by clicking the button on the left.


             *This finished portrait can now be viewed in the Dog Gallery.*

Diva is now in place and working well I feel. I'm now moving on to complete Derry, get the two complimenting each other and a background to bring them both forwards on the page.



The portrait of Derry and Diva is moving along nicely. I've now made a start on Diva, getting her lovely pale brindle colouring and markings in.
Brindle can be tricky to get right because you've got multiple colours mixing and combining. As you can see I tend to work from left-to-right and top-to-bottom to avoid smudging what I've already done.



My latest commission is for two beautiful Greyhounds called Derry and Diva.

As with most of my double head portraits I create several thumbnail images in Photoshop, using the photos I have been given, to arrive at a pleasing composition.
Balancing the two heads together in terms of size in relation to each other, their colours, direction of the gaze, light source and other considerations. These are then sent to the client for approval and discussion before proceeding with the final portrait.

An interesting challenge here is that the client would like Derry to look a little bit younger than he appears in the photos. So I'm trying to extrapolate from his general coat colour and recreate what he looked like as a younger dog
At this stage I'm laying in the base tones and shapes before bringing more detail in.

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